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Help us give men the screening programme they deserve.

30 men will die from prostate cancer today. And every day after. Until we change it. 

Prostate cancer can often be cured if it’s caught early enough. A screening programme could save thousands of lives every year. But right now, we don’t have a test that’s good enough. 

Will you help us fund research into a better test? 

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We need a UK-wide screening programme, and we need your help to get there. 

People at risk of common cancers like bowel and breast cancer are invited for routine screening, saving thousands of lives every year.  Yet prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men, doesn’t have a screening programme.  

The problem: we don’t have a simple, cost-effective test that’s accurate enough for screening. Our solution: making our biggest ever investment into research to find a better test, with your support. 

Help us find a better test

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It’s time to give men the screening programme they deserve. Men like Sanjiv…

Sanjiv Sharma, devoted dad to three daughters, was diagnosed with prostate cancer when it had already spread from his prostate and into his spine. Sadly, despite treatment, Sanjiv’s cancer was too advanced to cure, and he died two years later, aged 67, just a few days before Father’s Day in 2019.  

Sanjiv’s daughter Sonia said: “He could have been diagnosed earlier. He could have been with me on my wedding day. I so wish there was a screening programme.” 

Help keep men with their families for longer