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We have a bold ambition: to stop prostate cancer limiting men's lives. And it’s through funding research that we will make this happen.

This goal is underpinned by our research strategy, which sets out how we invest in the most innovative ideas to accelerate improvements for men. Specifically, we focus on funding research in three key areas: better diagnosis, better treatments and smarter data. By tackling these areas, we can make the biggest impact to men with, or at risk of, prostate cancer.

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The coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on every aspect of life. For many, this impact will be temporary. But for men living with or after prostate cancer in the UK, this crisis could have a devastating long-term consequence: by putting life-saving prostate cancer research at risk.

Research is crucial to finding new ways to treat and diagnose prostate cancer, and ensure no fathers, sons, brothers and friends are lost to this terrible disease. But for months, prostate cancer labs across the UK were closed due to the physical distancing measures required to contain the virus, and research came to a halt. Without urgent funds, there’s a real risk that much of this ground-breaking work may never re-start.

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No one knows exactly when we will emerge from this crisis, but when we do, it’s critical we give our researchers the time and resources they need to resume their life-saving work.

To find out about other ways you can help get research back on track and support men, click here.

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