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We have a bold ambition: to stop prostate cancer limiting men's lives. And it’s through funding research that we will make this happen.

This goal is underpinned by our research strategy, which sets out how we invest in the most innovative ideas to accelerate improvements for men. Specifically, we focus on funding research in three key areas: better diagnosis, better treatments and smarter data. By tackling these areas, we can make the biggest impact to men with, or at risk of, prostate cancer.

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Latest news from prostate cancer research

Dr Matthew Hobbs is “doubly excited” by new precision medicines for advanced prostate cancer.

Our Director of Research says thank you to those who've funded 25 years of research that make this progress possible.

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New research: Saliva DNA tests, precision medicine and three new hormone therapies.

Our Head Of Research Simon Grieveson, tuned into the worlds biggest cancer conference to hear from the scientists you've helped to fund.

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Research Innovation Awards: Focus on advanced disease as we invest £2.8m

From a pioneering new drug about to hit clinical trials, to a revolutionary home urine test for prostate cancer, here's the projects we're funding in this round of Research Innovation Awards.

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