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The PSA blood test

What we think and say about the PSA blood test. Based on the latest evidence, clinical opinion and the lived experiences of men at risk of prostate cancer.
Interim position on the PSA blood test in asymptomatic men

Prostate Cancer Screening?

New research by Prostate Cancer UK shows UK may finally be ready for prostate cancer screening and highlights that tens of thousands fewer men each year face unnecessary harm thanks to new screening techniques.
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Consultation Toolkit

To help you during a patient consultation. Here you will find our brand new resource about the pros and cons of the PSA blood test, under the updated diagnostic pathway, to support you to help your patient make an informed decision.
Consultation toolkit
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Active Surveillance Hub

Our active surveillance hub with evidence-based resources and CPD for you, as well as health information your patients.
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Sexual Wellbeing Hub

Get information on sexual side-effects, treatments and ways to manage, and help with when/how to talk to patients about sexual wellbeing.
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This toolkit is designed to provide PCNs with practical advice, easy to adopt interventions and printable flowcharts to support the delivery of the 2022/23 DES on prostate cancer. Also find in our downloadable PDF, an action plan framework for you to document how you will deliver this specification.
PCN DES toolkit
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Engaging with Black communities

This toolkit is for Cancer and Early Diagnosis leads when considering health inequalities. We promote working in collaboration with Black communities and working with local charities. Access behavioural science insights, find out about examples of projects, how to identify barriers as well as understanding the role of primary and secondary care.
Engaging with Black communities
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The Nursing Framework

The Framework has been developed to help guide both existing and aspiring prostate cancer nurses, as well as line managers, employers, and policymakers on the core skills, knowledge and training that the prostate cancer nursing staff will need and gain as they progress through their role.
The Nursing Framework
Man Of Men Checklist

Explaining fast-track referral to your patients

Provide this resource to patients when referring on a fast-track referral. It can be printed or sent via text message. We also share some valuable insights from patients about how they would like information to be provided to them.
Explaining hospital referral to patients