Supporting patients being referred for suspected prostate cancer   

For many patients, being referred to hospital for suspected prostate cancer can be a worrying time. They may have lots of questions for you about why they’ve been referred and what happens next.    

Our easy-to-use tool is designed to help you give your patients information about their referral and other support resources they can refer to after their appointment.  

Download our Referral Toolkit for England

Download our Referral Toolkit for Scotland

What is the suspected prostate cancer referral tool? 

The tool has been designed in collaboration with West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance, primary and secondary care clinicians, patients, their carers and families.  

This collaborative approach has enabled us to create a tool that includes:   

  • Clear language and images  
  • Editable fields supporting digital use which can be personalised to the individual patient
  • Black and white design for easy printing in your practice  
  • Explanation of existing prostate cancer diagnostic pathways so patients have a better understanding on what happens next 
  • Links to further information and support from Prostate Cancer UK 

How can I use the referral tool?

The tool can be either: 

  • sent to patients digitally and then used remotely in consultation, or
  • easily edited on a computer, to be printed and handed to your patients.

The tool can be saved on your computer desktop or as a template on your IT system for you to use as you please. You can contact your provider for further information on this.   

You may also find our guidance on how to use the referral tool helpful.

Any feedback?

We want this patient referral tool to be as helpful as possible for you and your patients. 

Please take a couple of minutes to tell us your thoughts by emailing the team who developed the referral tool if you have any feedback.