What does the 'Man Of Men' icon mean to you?

The Prostate Cancer UK Man Of Men has become a recognisable icon of hope for thousands of people across the UK, and has been our hallmark for over a decade. Made up of 77 familiar icons that you’ll see in everyday life, on toilet doors and road signs and in building sites and libraries. The logo represents all fathers, brothers, sons and mates living with and after prostate cancer. It also stands for all those united in a common goal to save men’s lives and support the 1 in 8 men who get prostate cancer, and remembers the 10,000 men who are diagnosed too late for a cure each year.  

Whether you see him on the lapel of your football team’s manager on match day, or on the back of someone taking on an incredible feat like running a marathon or cycling to Amsterdam, he’s a recognisable symbol of hope for men, wherever and whenever he appears. And the icons he is made up of each tell their own unique story for those who are proud to wear him: 

2022 Man Of Men Nurse Icon Facemask Hat Wide

"The nurse icon is so important to me. It represents the people who contact the specialist nurse service looking for information and support that we speak to everyday and are at the heart of what we do. Each call is unique and everyone who contacts us has a different concern, experience or individual story to tell about how a diagnosis of prostate cancer has affected them."

Emma Craske, Senior Specialist Nurse at Prostate Cancer UK

“When I look at the football icon, it really hits home with me the power the football family has in spreading awareness about this disease. It represents a man called Keith Smith, a Southend United fan who read about my work with the charity and checked the signs and symptoms. He had prostate cancer but they got it in time. Knowing I played a small part in helping save his life is truly humbling and meeting him was one of the best experiences I’ve had during my time in the game.” 

Chris Powell, Coach for the England National Football Team

2024 Icon Man Football Fan Cheer