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For Health Professionals

In this area you’ll find available guidelines, educational opportunities for in-person and online courses, information on best practice, resources and support for your patients and key policy documents.

If you’re a researcher, academic or policy-maker you’ll also find this section useful. If there’s anything you can’t find here please contact us.

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We offer online and face-to-face courses for health professionals of all disciplines interested in prostate disease.

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Improvement programmes

Our clinical programmes based on proven models that have improved care across the UK

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True NTH

Personalised Stratified Follow-Up

TrueNTH supported self-management, an evidence based approach to personalised stratified follow-up for prostate cancer; including guides and toolkits, further reading, and other supportive resources.

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Active surveillance

Our work on active surveillance, resources for your patients and best practice guidance for health professionals.

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Best practice pathway active surveillance

Best practice pathway

We want every man with prostate cancer - or at risk of it - to have access to the same high-quality care.

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mpMRI protocols

Our mpMRI scanner protocols for optimising image quality for prostate MRI, produced with the Society and College of Radiographers.

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Patient support

Find out about the support services and resources we can offer you and your patients, and order materials free of charge.

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Our collection of the key guidance and information on current policy and practice that helps you in your work, from us and elsewhere.

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Our projects

We want to improve care and treatment for men with prostate disease across the country. Here's how we're doing it.

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Talking about sex

Take a free online learning course on how to deliver routine sexual care for men living with prostate cancer and their partners.

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The case for CNSs

Our guide for decision makers to help you develop a strategic plan for clinical nurse specialists in prostate cancer care.

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Campaign for us

We want men with prostate cancer to get better diagnosis, better treatment and better support. But we can’t do it alone: we need your help.

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Get news, views and updates and updated resources from Prostate Cancer UK for our growing professional community.

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Our work with trusts

We’re sharing a selection of case studies that we hope you can replicate and apply to your own practice.

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mpMRI before biopsy

mpMRI before biopsy

Our work on mpMRI before biopsy: Improving diagnosis for men with prostate cancer

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We're looking for health professionals to help review our health information.

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For health professionals who'd like to get involved with us in a professional capacity.

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