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Trusts and foundations

Trusts and Foundations play a crucial role in the work of Prostate Cancer UK. We constantly need your support so that we can continue to fight prostate cancer on every front: through research, support, information and campaigning.

The support of Trusts and Foundations enables us to:

  • fund world class medical research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of the disease
  • provide support and information to men with prostate cancer and their loved ones
  • raise awareness amongst the public to ensure that men know the signs and symptoms of the disease
  • campaign for equality of access to high quality treatment and care

The Mike Gooley Trailfinders Charity

Mike Gooley CBE, founder of Trailfinders, has been supporting Prostate Cancer UK since 1997, with donations of over £1 million through the Mike Gooley Trailfinders Charity. This wonderful support enabled us to establish the Trailfinders Research Studentships Programme in 2006, through which the Mike Gooley Trailfinders Charity is funding our Studentship projects. Studentships are medical research projects involving highly qualified new science graduates working in the best academic and laboratory environments. They are important as they encourage gifted graduates to take up a career in prostate cancer research, which has great benefits for the prostate cancer research field.

Trailfinders are specialists in tailor-made travel worldwide. For further information please visit

I am very proud to be a Patron and supporter of this truly worthwhile cause.
Mike Gooley CBE

The HW Abbott Will Trust

“We were very pleased to be able to support Prostate Cancer UK last year with donations of £66,000 in total. We did so because our aim is to help find a cure for cancer, and whilst prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, it hasn’t had nearly as much money invested in research as it deserves. Our donation helped fund their research programme, which we hope will help Prostate Cancer UK to one day find really effective ways to diagnose the disease and treat the disease, so that it’s gone for good.” 

- Duncan Woodhead, Trustee

Opportunities for Trusts and Foundations

If you are a Trustee of a Trust or Foundation or know someone who is, and would like to make a difference for men affected by prostate cancer and their loved ones, please consider supporting Prostate Cancer UK.

For further information please contact Nirali Daudia, our Trusts Manager, on 020 3310 7000 or by email.