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What we've achieved

What we've achieved

We want a future where lives are not limited by prostate cancer. Over the last 25 years, our research, funded by supporters like you, has changed the lives of men with prostate cancer. From transforming the way prostate cancer is diagnosed to developing the first precision medicine for advanced prostate cancer, we've made this happen together.

We support brilliant research from the initial idea through to lab research and clinical trials. We work with key decision makers to ensure new diagnostic tests and therapies are approved for use and are accessible to all men. 

Here are just a handful of examples of how our funded research has made a difference:

Intravenous Drip

Treat smarter, not harder

By using large clinical trial data differently we now know who benefits most from the chemotherapy docetaxel.
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Jump For Joy

Prevent prostate cancer progression

Is it possible to prevent prostate cancer from progressing?
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Sparing men pain and anxiety

A new form of prostate imaging could prevent 1000s of unnecessary biopsies
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Transforming prostate cancer diagnosis

The development of mpMRI has transformed how prostate cancer is diagnosed, sparing thousands of men unnecessary prostate biopsies.
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Brachytherapy Where The Seeds Go V4 With Labels Cmyk

Effective treatment for aggressive prostate cancer that's still contained within the prostate

This treatment has reduced the number of men whose prostate cancer comes back by 21%.
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DNA Strand

The worlds first precision medicine for prostate cancer

The drug olaparib has been shown to extend lives in men with DNA damage repair mutations by 4.4 months.
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Pipette Man

Stopping advanced prostate cancer in its tracks

A new drug could offer a life extending treatment for men with aggressive prostate cancer.
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Radiotherapy Machine

Extending men's lives with radiotherapy for advanced prostate cancer

This innovation has changed the way men are treated when their prostate cancer has spread to a small number of other sites in their body.
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Microscope Man

Overcoming treatment resistance

Understanding how prostate cancer cells stop responding to treatments led to ways to ensure treatments remain effective for longer.
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From research idea to access for all

From providing opportunities for researchers to network and brainstorm, to funding innovative and transformative research, to supporting the roll out of a new way to diagnose or treat men with prostate cancer, we are part of the journey. 

Read on to explore how we support researchers and work hard to ensure men have access to the results of our funded research.

Impact Idea


Ideas for research projects often come about through conversations between researchers. So we create opportunities to spark more conversations through networking events and webinars such as Making Progress Day and Spotlight on.

Impact Research

Lab research

Once an idea has been formed researchers need to generate data to test it. The majority of the research we fund is laboratory based where teams of researchers across the UK run experiments to understand how prostate cancer develops and test new ways to stop it growing.

Impact Trials

Clinical trials

Once an idea has been extensively tested in the lab researchers can test it in men through clinical trials to see how effective it is at diagnosing or treating prostate cancer. They'll first make sure it's safe and doesn't cause harm. Large scale trials involving hundreds of men are needed before approval is granted. Our interactive clinical trials map shows all the trials we're funding and those that are recruiting for men to take part.

Impact Approved

Approved for use

Once large scale trials are finished, the data is analysed. This can take a long time as researchers need to wait to see if treatments have allowed men to live longer and for how long treatments might have stopped the cancers growing. We've funded multiple projects that have changed the guidelines for treating prostate cancer and stopped prostate cancer from limiting thousands of lives.

Impact Access

Access for all

Our work doesn't stop once research has changed practice. We continue to work with health care providers to ensure men have access to the latest ways to diagnose and treat prostate cancer. We campaign to ensure all men, no matter where they live, their age or their social status receive the treatment and support they need.


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With your help we can beat prostate cancer, together

We've invested over £75 million in research over the last 25 years which has started to make a significant difference, but there is still so much to do. You can help us fund research to stop prostate cancer killing men by making a donation today.