Downloading our logo


The rules

As your event/communication will be publicly associated with the charity, we ask that you agree to the following rules:

  • I agree to preview my usage of the logo with Prostate Cancer UK before having anything printed, distributed or using it online. Please forward all artwork/visuals to our Creative team ([email protected]) and we will feed back to you promptly.
  • I agree to include the following registered charity details, in small print in their entirety, wherever I use Prostate Cancer UK’s logo (apart from on clothing or merchandise items, where it is not necessary): Prostate Cancer UK is a registered charity in England and Wales (1005541) and in Scotland (SC039332). Registered company 02653887.
  • I agree to use the logo as supplied and not to alter or amend it (including separating the elements, distorting, changing the colour, cropping or redrawing it in any way).
  • I agree to ensure all fundraising and other activities associated with the logo are legally, morally and ethically appropriate to the charity’s purposes and reflect our policy on equality and diversity.
  • I will not use the logo to endorse a call for universal prostate cancer screening using the PSA test (for more information on the charity’s stance on this, read our Consensus on PSA testing)
  • I agree to not make use of the Supporting logo for any commercial or sales purposes. If I am representing a business, I will contact the Corporate Partnerships team 

Special cases

We have two versions of the logo for you to download in white or black, and you are welcome to choose either to suit your design. For some simple advice on how to use our ‘supporting’ logo please also see our one-page guidelines document. We'll email all of this to you when you complete the form above.

Thank you so much for your support!