We believe that the involvement of people who have lived experience of prostate cancer significantly improves the quality and outcomes of our work. 

An individual’s first-hand experiences of the disease, as someone who has been diagnosed, or anyone with relevant lived experience such as a family member, carer or loved one is uniquely placed to help shape and deliver our work, adding value at all stages of the process.  

Through sharing your lived experience you can offer a different kind of expertise to clinicians or researchers. 

Whether it is speaking to users of our support services, working with Advisory Groups to influence decision-making or Patient and Public Involvement in our Research funding process, we aim to bring the voice of lived experience to our work. 

Only in this way will our support, whether in the form of services like our Specialist Nurses, or products like our health information publications, meets the needs of those affected by prostate cancer. 

All the involvement opportunities we create and promote will be designed to help us deliver our strategy and our business aims. We cannot achieve these without your help. 

Our Involvement Principles

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