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Spotlight on: Prostate Cancer UK's research webinar series

‘Spotlight on...’ is our series of research webinars designed to offer you bitesize opportunities to expand your knowledge on specific areas of prostate cancer research.

In each 60-minute session you’ll hear from experts in the field and have the chance to ask questions, share ideas and network.  

We’ll run a series of 7-8 weekly seminars focussed on a theme. If you have any suggestions for future sessions or themes, please contact the Research Team.

If you are an early career researcher working on a Prostate Cancer UK funded project and would like the opportunity to chair a ‘Spotlight on…’ webinar please contact the Research Team.

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Series 1 - Spotlight on…accessing tissue and preclinical models

In this series of webinars we look at topics ranging from accessing tissue and understanding the human tissue to pre-clinical models used in prostate cancer research.
Spotlight on ... Series 1
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Series 2 - Spotlight on…exploring the Androgen Receptor

In the second series of webinars we focused the spotlight on the main driver of prostate cancer, the Androgen Receptor.
Spotlight on ... Series 2
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Series 3 - Spotlight on…understanding cell death

In the next series of webinars we sign the spotlight on a number of methods to trigger cell death from activating death pathways through to immunotherapy.
Spotlight on ... Series 3
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Series 4 - Spotlight on...radiotherapy

In our fourth series, we shine the Spotlight on different aspects of radiotherapy.
Spotlight on...Series 4
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Series 5 - Spotlight on...diagnosis

In this series of webinars we look at potential diagnostic tools from genetics and liquid biomarkers to imaging.
Spotlight on...Series 5
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Special webinar - Spotlight on...the future of Prostate Cancer UK

Join a special edition of our webinar series presented by our CEO Laura Kerby and Director of Research Dr Matthew Hobbs
Spotlight on...Special webinar