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Spotlight on: Prostate Cancer UK's research webinar series

‘Spotlight on...’ is our new series of research webinars designed to offer you bitesize opportunities to expand your knowledge on specific areas of prostate cancer research.

In each 60-minute session you’ll hear from experts in the field and have the chance to ask questions, share ideas and network.  

We’ll run a series of 7-8 weekly seminars focussed on a theme. Our next theme is ‘Exploring the Androgen Receptor’. A future theme will include ‘Pathways beyond the Androgen Receptor’. If you have any suggestions for future sessions or themes, please contact the Research Team.  

If you are an early career researcher working on a Prostate Cancer UK funded project and would like the opportunity to chair a ‘Spotlight on…’ webinar please contact the Research Team.  

Our summer 2021 series

Spotlight on... the AR

In this webinar we’ll be shining the spotlight on the androgen receptor. Professor Charlotte Bevan from Imperial College London will be joined by Professor Iain McEwan from the University of Aberdeen to introduce the androgen receptor. 

Date: Wednesday 9 June 
Time: 3-4pm  (BST)

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Spotlight on…epigenetics

Join us as we shine the Spotlight on…epigenetics. In this webinar we will be joined by, Dr Jennie Jeyapalan from University of Nottingham and Professor Frank Claessens from KU Leuven in Belgium to discuss AR and epigenetic regulation of target genes.

Date: Thursday 17 June 
Time: 3-4pm  (BST)

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Spotlight on...non-coding RNAs

This week we’ll shine the Spotlight on the AR and non-coding RNAs. We will be joined by Dr Leena Latonen, University of Eastern Finland and Dr Claire Fletcher, Imperial College London. In this session we’ll discuss how non-coding RNAs fine tune gene regulation and how they cross-talk with AR.

Date: Tuesday 22 June
Time: 3-4pm  (BST)

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Spotlight on...transcriptional regulation

This week we’re shining the Spotlight on…transcriptional regulation. We’ll be joined by Professor Wilbert Zwart from Netherlands Cancer Institute and Dr Donald McDonnell from Duke University, to discuss how the AR regulates transcription and how this can be exploited for therapy.

Date: Monday 28 June 
Time: 1-2pm  (BST)

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Spotlight on...AR coregulators

This week we’ll be joined by Dr Greg Brooke, University of Essex and Dr Damien Leach, Imperial College London as we shine the Spotlight on…AR coregulators. We’ll discuss how co-regulators can be exploited as novel therapies and to reduce treatment resistance.

Date: Tuesday 6 July  
Time: 3-4pm  (BST)

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Spotlight on…AR variants

This week we'll shine the Spotlight on…AR variants. We’ll be joined by Dr Luke Gaughan from Newcastle University and Dr Adam Sharp from The Institute of Cancer Research as we discuss new technologies in cell lines. We’ll discuss the different splice variants of the AR and what these mean to androgen deprivation therapy.

Date: Thursday 22 July
Time: 3-4pm  (BST)

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Spotlight on...treatment resistance

This week we'll shine the Spotlight on…treatment resistance. We’ll be joined by Professor Scott Dehm from University of Minnesota and Dr Amina Zoubeidi from Vancouver Prostate Centre as we discuss treatment resistance.

Date: Tuesday 27 July 
Time: 3-4pm (BST)  

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Spotlight on…The Research Team: From contract to impact

In the first webinar of this series, our Research Manager Dr Reena Morjaria will talk you through the process of starting your grant and what to expect from us through the life span of our funding. Our Research Impact and Intelligence Manager, Dr Hayley Luxton will then talk through what to expect once your grant has completed.  

Date: Thursday 5 August
Time: 3-4pm (BST)

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Our Spring 2021 series

Spotlight on ... the research team

In the first webinar of this series, we introduced you to Prostate Cancer UK’s Research Team, discussed the upcoming webinar series, talked you through our grant application process and gave an update on our current plans including future funding opportunities.

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Spotlight on...accessing tissue

In this webinar we will be shining the spotlight on accessing patient tissue for research work. 

Dr Richard Bryant from Oxford University will be joined by Dr Tim Kendall from the University of Edinburgh to discuss considerations for accessing tissue for pre-clinical research.

This session will be chaired by Dr Ian Lewis, Head of Strategy and Initiatives from NCRI.

Date: Thursday 11 March

Time: 3-4pm

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Spotlight on...replacement, refinement and reduction

Join us as we discuss the use of replacement, refinement and reduction in in vivo research. In this webinar we will be joined by Dr Katie Bates, Head of Research Funding from NC3R and Dr Chris Armstrong from Overwatch Research.

Date: Thursday 18 March

Time: 3-4pm

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Spotlight on...using tissue ex vivo

This week we’ll be joined by Dr Susan Heavey from University College London who will describe her ex vivo pipeline. Susan will be joined by Dr Michael Ladomery, University West of England and Mr Ben Simpson, University College London who have used the pipeline in their work.

Date: Thursday 25 March

Time: 3-4pm

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Spotlight on…patient derived xenografts

This week we’ll be joined by experts in generating patient derived xenografts. Professor Nora Navone, MD Anderson, Professor Wytske van Weerden and Dr Annelies Van Hemelryk from Erasmus MC will discuss their models. Dr Helen Pearson will also discuss her experience of developing a PDX library.

Date: Thursday 1 April

Time: 3-4pm

Please note due to protection of intellectual property this webinar was not recorded.

Spotlight on…organoids

This week we’ll be joined by Dr Amanda Swain, Institute of Cancer Research and Dr Rakesh Heer, University of Newcastle as we shine the spotlight on organoids. Amanda will talk us through her library of organoids with different mutational signatures and Rakesh will describe his work developing organoids from primary tissue.

Date: Wednesday 7 April

Time: 3-4pm

Researchers at University of Newcastle are trying to capture information on models used to study prostate disease, please help them by completing this short survey

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Spotlight on…in vivo models

Join us as we discuss the use of in vivo models with Dr Esther Baena, CRUK Manchester Institute, The University of Manchester and Professor Cory Abate-Shen, Columbia University. In this session we will explore novel models of prostate cancer that can be utilised for investigating the molecular basis of the disease as well as evaluating new therapies.

Date: Thursday 15 April

Time: 3-4pm

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Spotlight on…cell lines

This week we'll be joined by Dr Luke Gaughan from Newcastle University and (TBC) as we discuss new technologies in cell lines. Luke will talk about his experience of using CRISPR and how this technology has driven his research forward.

This webinar will be postponed until the second series, Spotlight on…the Androgen Receptor. Please keep an eye out on our Twitter @ProstateUKProfs for further updates