Campaign for change

If you want to help drive change in prostate cancer care talking to your local politician could help

Who, What, Why...

If you have concerns over your care you can raise this with your elected officials. As their constituent they have a duty to serve you and they can help in your dealings with local NHS and service providers. They can also raise your concerns and experiences among key decision makers and stakeholders in parliament and elsewhere.

As an organisation we campaign in the UK parliaments to lobby for change and improvements in prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment, care and support. You can help by contacting your MP / MS / MSP or MLA and raising the policy priorities we want to see addressed.

These are the things we have identified as making the biggest difference for patients.

It’s important to only contact your local representative and you can find out who they are by visiting www.theyworkforyou.com.


You can message your MP etc. through www.writetothem.com, or via their contact details which will be easily accessible through their own or the relevant parliament’s website.

It is important to note that MP's receive hundreds of emails every day. You can often make a bigger impact by writing and signing a letter. Whichever way you do contact them be sure to include your address, so they know you are from their constituency.

Try to be polite and courteous, you may or may not support the current government or agree with their party but their first priority will be their constituents. Remain focused on the specific issue at hand.

Tell your story in your own words, clearly, concisely and without jargon. If it matters to you, it should matter to them. These are issues taking place in their constituency and they will want to know.

Thank you

Thank you for campaigning with us by contacting your local politician. 

You can contact us for more advice and help by emailing [email protected]