Help review our award winning information

Could you help review our health information?

Our Health Information team review and update all of our information every two to three years. To do this, we need UK-based volunteers to help us make sure the information is as useful as possible.

You don't need any expert knowledge or personal experience of prostate cancer – we just want to know if the information is easy to understand and answers all your questions.

The basics

  • You can help in your own time, from the comfort of your own home
  • You’ll be helping to make sure our information is helpful and easy to understand
  • You don’t need to have had any particular treatment – and we’re keen to hear from partners and family members too
  • Information will be sent to you by email or post
  • Should take no more than a few hours

We currently need lay reviewers for:

  • Locally advanced prostate cancer (fact sheet)
  • Clinical Trials (fact sheet)

Email us to get involved or find out more about any of the publications that we're currently reviewing.

Our award-winning information

Delivering the right information at the right time saves lives. Our health information helps men understand their risk of prostate cancer so they can take steps to get diagnosed early and empowers them to choose treatments that are right for them. Prostate cancer has a huge impact on the lives and well being of men and those close to them. They need support and information of the highest quality to help them throughout their journey.

Prostate Cancer UK produces extensive information resources on a wide range of topics that encompass risk, diagnosis, treatments, and well being. All of our information resources are available to order for free from our website.

We recognise the vital importance of accurate and up to date health information that men can reply on. This is why every resource we produce follows the Patient Information Forum’s (PIF) best practice recommendations.

  • Information is created using a consistent and documented process.
  • Staff are trained and supported to produce high-quality information.
  • Information meets an identified consumer need.
  • Information is based on reliable, up-to-date evidence.
  • Patients are involved in the development of health information.
  • Information is written in plain English.
  • Print and digital information is easy to use and navigate.
  • Users can give feedback on information.
  • Information is promoted to make sure it reaches those who need it.
  • The impact of information is measured.

Since the NHS’s Information Standard was discontinued, the PIF TICK is the UK’s only quality mark of healthcare information. It’s awarded to organisations who demonstrate they are trusted information creators. Prostate Cancer UK was awarded the PIF TICK in July 2022. Our health information will continue to be assessed annually to ensure the PIF TICK's standards are maintained. 

The quality of our health information has been recognised through numerous awards from both the British Medical Association and the Plain English Awards

British Medical Association (BMA) Patient Information Awards

Our booklet:

Prostate cancer tests and treatments: A guide for gay and bisexual men.

"A wonderful resource for gay and bisexual men with prostate cancer. This vitally important leaflet has been written in a sensitive manner and provides information in a balanced and solution-focused way. Exceptional involvement with third sector organisations and those with lived experience. A truly outstanding piece of work, disseminated brilliantly, with a fantastic impact."  BMA PLG awards panel

Our online guide:

How to manage sex and relationships

"I think this resource is to be applauded for covering such a wide range of important topics in such a constructive, unbiased and empathetic way. It’s great to know this resource is out there."

"This is an excellent resource about a very challenging subject."

Plain English Awards