202003 Jean Holloway In Memory

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202003 Jean Holloway In Memory Case Study 4

Setting up an online Tribute Fund is a special way for you to continue to commemorate the memory of your loved one. It’s the perfect place to celebrate your loved one’s life, by easily sharing meaningful dates, photos and memories with family and friends. A Tribute Fund can also help you keep track of all the money raised in memory of your loved one. This way, you can easily see the impact of his memory on helping future generations of men affected by prostate cancer. 

In just a few steps your tribute can be ready to share with friends and family. It’s easy to set up and invite those who loved him to pay their own tributes and raise money in his memory.

An online Tribute Fund gives you the chance to share memories with others and raise money at the same time. It’s a chance to do something great to help beat prostate cancer. There’s plenty of space to share stories, photos and even the music he loved.

Find an existing fund and leave a message of condolence or make a donation to our work and join us in the fight to help more men survive prostate cancer.

Setting up a tribute fund in memory of Doug not only keeps his memory alive, but it furthers the all important research needed to fight this disease. Every day we hear of more and more men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer UK do a remarkable job in funding valuable research
Michelle Blythe who supports Prostate Cancer UK in memory of her husband