Next round launching August 2021

Further details about the next round of Research Innovation Awards will be made available here in due course. In the meantime, you may find the guidance notes to the previous funding round of some use as you start to think about your ideas for applications.


This call is for bold, innovative research that has the real potential to impact the way prostate cancer is diagnosed, treated or even prevented. 

All proposals must align with our research strategy and must clearly demonstrate the innovative nature of the research and how it will lead to the improved health and well-being of men affected by, or at high risk of, prostate cancer. The application and assessment process reflects our increased focus on innovation and potential impact, and so you should make every effort to detail how your proposal meets those criteria.

Remit & Eligibility

We want to see novel, game-changing research! 

As such, there are no financial restrictions as to what you can request – you should simply apply for what you need. However, please note that value for money will be a consideration in making final funding decisions, and so we would advise applicants to ensure that the amount they are requesting is a realistic reflection of what is needed.

We would expect projects to be between 1 to 5 years in duration; however again you should apply for however long you need. Projects that are shorter or longer than 1-5 years are still eligible; although, you should discuss this further with the Research Team at Prostate Cancer UK before applying.

This scheme will fund both fundamental and clinical research (and all stages in between); however, research at all stages will be expected to have a focus on eventual benefit to men. Applicants will be expected to set out a logical and realistic path of work that will need to happen at the end of the award in order to deliver that benefit to men.

We will also consider applications that bring innovative ideas from other cancer types and other diseases to be tested or translated for prostate cancer and we encourage applicants to build teams that include experts from other disciplines and other countries where that will improve the project.

Application & Assessment Process

The application process consists of two stages:

1: Expression of Interest Stage

  • After submission, applications are validated by the Research Team at Prostate Cancer UK to eliminate those which do not meet the basic eligibility criteria for this call.
  • The remaining applications will then be considered by our Research Advisory Committee, who shall decide which proposals should be shortlisted to the Second Stage.

2: Second Stage (for shortlisted applicants)

  • Shortlisted applicants will be issued with a Second Stage application form.
  • Once submitted, applications will be peer reviewed by at least three independent referees (in accordance with AMRC guidelines).
  • Applicants may then respond to the anonymised referees’ comments.
  • Proposals are further reviewed by our Research Advisory Committee.

All awards made will be in line with our terms and conditions (please note - these terms may be subject to change).

Application success rates

  • 2018/19: 17% success rate, 48 Expression of Interest applications received
  • 2017/18: 15% success rate, 54 Expression of Interest applications received
  • 2016/17: 12% success rate, 58 Expression of Interest applications received

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss an application with the Research team, please e-mail research@prostatecanceruk.org.