A to Z of fundraising ideas


Organise an auction, ask your friends and family to donate items and donate some of the profits. 

Hold an arm wrestling contest and charge people to enter. 

Host an arts and crafts evening and charge people an entry fee.

Organise or sign up for an abseiling challenge and get sponsored.

Host an aerobics event and charge an entry fee.

Contact local artists, hold an art exhibition and donate the entry fee. 

Hold an alphabet party and ask everyone to come as something starting with a different letter of the alphabet. 

Provide afternoon tea at work or for friends and ask for donations.

Challenge your friends to a bake off and sell the winnings. 

Invite your friends to a bring and buy sale and donate the profits.

Hold a Man v BBQ event - get grilling!

Hold your own event such as a barn dance or a ball and charge an entry fee.

Organise a bonfire night and collect money for refreshments.

Hold a bowling or bowls tournament and charge an entry fee.

Host a night of bingo and donate half the winnings.

Charge your friends to dump baked beans on you in a bath.

Sell your unwanted books and donate the profits.

Take on a bungee jump challenge and collect sponsorship.

Get a group of friends together and contact your local supermarket to see if you can pack bags in store for a weekend in exchange for donations.


Go Christmas carolling and ask for donations. Contact local shops or organisations to see if you can sing to their customers. 

Take advantage of the office munchies and hold a cake sale at work. 

Ask for donations rather than birthday, anniversary or wedding presents. Find out more

Calling all mixologists: try out some new flavours and create your own cocktails, invite your friends and ask for donations. 

Sell some of your old stuff and donate what you make.

Take part in a challenge event and raise sponsorship - we have lots of events on offer.

Are you bit of a comedian? Or know someone who is? Host a comedy evening and charge for entry.

Ask your family and friends for a donation to Prostate Cancer UK instead of Christmas cards and gifts.

Bullseye! Challenge your mates to a night of darts. Pay to play.

Why not walk the neighbourhood dogs in exchange for donations?

Party the night away, charge for entry - and why not do a dance-off competition?

Get your friends to donate the cost of a meal and cook them up a treat. 

Donate a percentage of your eBay sales to us.

Pay to enter - and why not make an Easter bonnet dress code compulsory?

Bring back the traditional School Sports Day: sack race, wellie throwing and three-legged race


Charge teams to enter.

Donate the cost of a cinema trip and watch a movie at home with friends.

Hold a fashion show and sell tickets to your friends and family to see you and your pals strut your stuff. 

Get them involved hook, line and sinker. Charge to compete. 

Pay a pound and be whoever you want for the day!

Plot ahead - why not organise your own Guy Fawkes night?

Ask people to donate to guess the weight of a cake, your cat, or a jar of sweets. 

Give up chocolate, coffee or cigarettes and donate what you would have spent.

Hold your own golf day.

Have a garden party, perhaps with games that your guests give a donation to play. 

Donate an hour of your pay. 

Organise a hike and get sponsored.

Get sponsored to shave your head.

Organise a Halloween party and charge an entry fee.

Team up, take an entry fee and create your own 'It's a knockout' obstacle course. 

Book a local venue and charge for a night of great music.

One man's tat is another man's treasure.

Get your colleagues involved. Pay a pound and wear your jeans. 

Get crafty and creative - why not make your own jewellery (friendship bands) to sell?


Whether you charge for ear plugs or entry fees, sing up a storm with your own karaoke evening.

Get sponsored to do a keep uppy marathon with your friends. 

Donate the usual cost of a keep fit lesson - get your local gym or sports centre involved.

Get your friends together and organise lunch in exchange for a donation.

Ride Land's End to John O'Groats and get sponsored - see our guide for tips.

Put on a line dancing evening and charge an entry fee. 

Ask people to donate their loose change - all those pennies add up.

Whodunnit? Get your friends round for a delicious meal and solve the mystery. Charge to guess the murderer

Fun for all the family! Hold your own Mad Hatter's Tea Party and fill those tea pots up with money.

Host your own music event: get local bands and venues involved. 

Get your friends to donate the cost of a meal and cook them up a treat.

Pay a pound and leave the blazer at home.

Educate your friends and ask for donations as tips at the end.

Wastepaper bin basketball or an egg and spoon race? Charge your colleagues to compete.

Take admissions and hold an open garden. 

Get your friends to donate to play pin the tail on the donkey - or any other animal!

Set yourself your own personal challenge and collect sponsorship.

See if you can beat your friends at a push up challenge, and collect bets on who will win.

Hold a pampering evening and ask your friends for donations.

Hold a poker night with your pals and split the pot with us.

Get a team together and go paintballing - ask for donations for a place on the team.

Hold a pancake race and charge an entry fee!

Donate your photography skills and ask clients to give a donation instead.


Get your mates together and organise a quiz - download a quiz pack to get yourself started. 

Sell raffle tickets and get creative with donated prizes.

Place a bet and split the winnings with us!

Hold a swimathon or get sponsored to swim an iconic distance in your local pool.

Shhhhhh. No talking. Get sponsored for your silence.

Take your best guess. Football, Grand National, World Cup: split the sweep with us!

Get sponsored to skydive. Why not do it with friends?

Pay fines for foul language.

Get back that blitz spirit: hold a street party and get inventive with ways to raise money.

Wear your team colour to work or school for the day. Take £2.

10,000 men die of prostate cancer every year, so choose a challenge that involves that involves 10,000 to honour the men we've lost.

Whether it's swimming or stamp collecting, you can support our cause by raising awareness and money.

Team up for tug of war and donate the entry fee.

Pay to enter - why not make it pirate fancy dress?

Why not get few extra pounds and include a tombola at your event?

Run your own tuck shop and donate your profits to us!


Donate a pound to wear your most unusual clothes - you could also give prizes to the most imaginative entry.

Wear your underwear as overwear. Get sponsored.

Get your friends to unearth those hidden talents and hold a variety show.

Hold a volleyball contest. Charge for admission. 

Get your friends together and organise your own walk.

Walk to work and donate what you would have spent on petrol or travel costs. 

Attempt a world record at anything - this is a great way to get press coverage, too! 

Only for the brave. Get sponsored to have something waxed: your legs, your chest, and anything for the particularly brave.

Hold a wine tasting evening, invite friends and ask for a donation to the cause.

Whether you charge for ear plugs or entry fees, get friends together and sing up a storm with your own X-factor evening. 

Pay to enter an Xbox tournament and split the winnings with us.

You Only Live Once. What's on your bucket list? Inspire others and get sponsored to do something amazing.

Take an outdoor challenge. Get your friends involved - find out more.

Get sponsored to say "yes" to everything for a day. Why not get your boss to take part?

Set yourself a year long challenge and get sponsored: lose weight, get fit or take up a sport.

Donate the usual cost of a Zumba class! Get your local gym or sport centre involved.

Take the plunge. Get sponsored to do a zip wire ride. Why not do it with friends?

Raise a small fortune. Throw a party, come dressed as your star sign. We predict this will be great fun!

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