The importance of Gifts in Wills

Gifts in Wills make up over 20% of our annual income. Thanks to you, this means we can invest millions of pounds each year in life-changing research.

A gift in your Will can help men live longer and live better.

The long-term changes we need to make through research can only be made possible with the security that gift in Wills can provide. Gifts in Wills are the building blocks to our work at Prostate Cancer UK. 

With your help, we’ll be able to pay for crucial lab supplies to help our researchers find the next breakthrough. We’ll be able to fund the cost of their time in the lab, the hours of tireless work looking for better treatments for men. 

Large or small, a gift can help leave a better life for future generations of men 

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David Frederick For Prostate Cancer UK 4Th June 2019 © Brendan Foster Photography 130 Edit

"After becoming involved with Prostate Cancer UK following my diagnosis, it felt only right to support them with a gift in my Will. It means I can continue to stand for the thing I care most about, even when I’m gone. Hopefully, I’ll be helping to fund the research that will one day stop prostate cancer altogether."

David Frederick, Prostate Cancer UK Supporter & Legacy Pledger