Researcher - Mr Ghulam Nabi
Institution - University of Dundee
Grant award - £499,936
Duration - 2014-2019
Reference - CSO-PG13-005 Nabi

In a nutshell

A large scale study using multiparametric MRI and ultrasound to aid in prostate cancer diagnosis. This aims to reduce the number of biopsies needed for a reliable diagnosis and help to distinguish between aggressive and non-aggressive prostate cancer.

Why we funded it

The current process for diagnosing prostate cancer involves several steps, each of which have in-built uncertainties – not to mention the discomfort and risk of infection associated with biopsies.  This research aims to not only reduce the number of procedures necessary to make a conclusive prostate cancer diagnosis, but also to allow identification of aggressive or non aggressive cancer at the point of diagnosis, so that clinicians and men can make an informed choice about the most appropriate treatment option.

Progress so far (Year 2 of 5)

The study has been set up and the trial is recruiting patients in Tayside. So far 90 patients out of 600 have been recruited and the researchers are hoping that opening up more trial sites and allowing the use of different MRI scanners should increase the number of patients being recruited.