Transformational Impact Awards


Our Transformational Impact Awards support large-scale research investments covering high quality discovery science, through to translational and clinical research, focussed on tackling the biggest challenges in prostate cancer. These awards will deliver research which cannot be achieved through our existing funding schemes, such as our Research Innovation Awards. They'll aim to significantly expand our understanding of the disease, maximise the scale and speed of progress in prostate cancer research and crucially deliver a positive impact on the lives of men with prostate cancer.

Remit and eligibility

This scheme will support individual clinical studies and/or programmes of research activity (preclinical, clinical or a combination) which consist of highly interconnected workstreams that offer added benefit when delivered collectively, rather than if delivered as separate projects. Smaller-scale proposals for more focused, stand-alone research projects will be more suited to our Research Innovation Awards.

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We anticipate that proposals will be around £1.5m in value and up to 5 years in duration. Proposals up to the value of £2m will still be accepted, however if applicants wish to apply for more than £1.5m they must discuss their study with the Research team at Prostate Cancer UK in advance of the submission deadline. Proposals under £750k are likely to be better suited to our Research Innovation Awards scheme. 

Leadership and collaboration

Applications can be led by up to 5 established researchers who have a strong track record in their field. At least one of the leads must work within a recognised academic or clinical institution in the UK (who will then be the designated ‘Lead Applicant’ on the submission, with others named as ‘Joint Leads’). In all but exceptional circumstances we would expect proposals to be multi-institutional to facilitate and encourage collaboration and, where appropriate, we strongly encourage international and/or industry collaboration. We are very much open to bringing new expertise and ideas into the prostate cancer field, and academics not currently working on prostate cancer are welcome to apply to this scheme. 

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Career development and mentorship

We're keen to see these awards provide additional training and development opportunities for early career researchers. Proposals must include at least one Early Career Researcher as a named Joint Lead Applicant on the grant who will play an active role in its delivery and who will be responsible for the management of a particular element of it. This is in addition to the 5 senior Lead Applicants mentioned above. Also, where it supports the delivery of the proposed research, we encourage the inclusion of PhD Studentships or Clinical Fellows working towards a PhD qualification. 


This call will open for applications on 18 July 2022

Read the guidance notes for full details of the remit and eligibility for this call.

Download guidance notes

Research themes

All proposals must be in line with our Research Strategy and focused towards tackling one or more of the research themes summarised below. Full details on each theme will be published ahead of the call opening for applications.

Through a better understanding of the biology of high-risk localised prostate cancer, and how it may evade treatment, we can start to bring more tailored therapeutic approaches into the localised disease setting to more effectively treat these men. 

We need better informed and personalised treatment decision making for men with localised disease, as well as further trials investigating novel primary therapeutic approaches which reduce the likelihood of recurrence and the occurrence of side effects. 

Many men see their cancer return after primary treatment and so we need more effective ways to detect treatment resistance and localised recurrence early, a better understanding of why this happens, and more effective approaches to treating localised recurrence. 

Programmatic funding is needed to revolutionise our understanding of metastatic prostate cancer in order to make transformational steps towards more targeted and effective treatments for advanced disease. 

Supporting translational and clinical research to enhance the treatment of hormone sensitive metastatic disease, further delaying (or even preventing) the progression to the castration-resistant disease state. 

Supporting translational and clinical research to enhance the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, delaying further disease progression and giving men valuable extra time with their loved ones. 

Expanding our understanding of how treatment resistance occurs and investigating approaches to more effectively detect resistance and disease progression early. 

Application and assessment process

LAUNCH: Call opens for applications 18 July 2022

DEADLINE: Call closes 3 October 2022, 12pm (noon).

PEER REVIEW: Submitted applications will then be subject to external peer review (in line with AMRC guidance). The peer reviewers' comments will be sent to the applicants (anonymously) via our online system. Applicants will have an opportunity to submit a response to the reviewers' comments.

DECISION: All applications, reviews and rebuttals will then be considered by our Transformational Impact Awards Scientific Advisory Board who shall make final funding recommendations to our Board of Trustees.

NOTIFICATION: Applicants will be notified as to the outcome of their submission via email in March 2023. We appreciate your patience during this time.

All awards made will be in line with our terms and conditions (please note - these terms may be subject to change).

Further details will be available in the accompanying guidance notes.

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Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss an application with the Research team, please email [email protected].