Here, men share their experiences of being diagnosed, treatments, side effects of prostate cancer treatment and living with and after prostate cancer.

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Thomas Kagezi

"I was given a chance to live."

Civil Engineer Thomas Kagezi explains how a chance encounter led to his prostate cancer diagnosis.

Paul Kallay, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007

Paul Kallay's story

"When I got my diagnosis, my wife and I discussed it and we decided we just wanted to get ride of the cancer. So I opted for surgery, which didn’t use quite as advanced techniques compared to what’s available now."

Errol McKellar for Stronger Knowing More - © Dennis Morris assisted by Bolade Banjo

"Prostate cancer knocked me down, it didn’t knock me out."

Life changed in 2010 for car mechanic Errol McKellar.


"We shouldn't feel embarrassed to talk about our health."

Security worker Gilly Morgan only found out his dad had prostate cancer following his own diagnosis.

Craig Lister's story

"The worse part of living with advanced prostate cancer is that it strips you of your future. It robs you of all the stuff you planned to do and that’s been a huge mental challenge for me."

Chris Kitcher

Chris Kitcher's story

A new type of scan known as mpMRI reassured Chris when he was told he needed to be checked for prostate cancer.

Sally Payne

Sally Payne's story

Sally Payne is a trans woman who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010. In 2006 at age 54, whilst she was living as a man, she had what she felt was the first warning of prostate cancer.

Alice's story

Alice was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer before she transitioned.