Here, men share their experiences of being diagnosed, treatments, side effects of prostate cancer treatment and living with and after prostate cancer.

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Elvis’ COVID-19 story

Elvis shares his experience of the pandemic and his top tips for staying healthy, both physically and emotionally.

Simon Smith

Simon's prostatitis story

Simon Smith was diagnosed with prostatitis in 2011 at the age of 24. By sharing his story, he hopes to raise awareness of this common condition and let other men know they are not alone.

Bruce's story

Bruce, 51, is on hormone therapy for advanced prostate cancer. He describes some of the side effects he's had including how it has affected his sex life.

Swarn Singh Kang who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005

Swarn Singh Kang's story

Swarn Singh Kang was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005. We talk to him about his experience and why he wants to share his story with more men.

Tony T's story

Tony talks about his experience, what it was like being a gay man with prostate cancer, and the support that helped him.

Ally's story

Ally had radiotherapy and hormone therapy. He talks about how he dealt with the radiotherapy treatment and how his sex life has changed as a result.

Mark's story

Mark talks about his experience of talking to health professionals about his sexuality and starting a new relationship while having treatment.

Colin's story

Colin, 51, had surgery. He and his wife talk about how he recovered from the operation and how they have dealt with changes to their sex life after surgery (radical prostatectomy) including his experience of using a vacuum pump and injections to help get erections.