After being told he needed to be checked for prostate cancer, Chris was reassured to know that a new type of scan would help to target his biopsy. This meant it was less likely to miss any potential cancer and needed fewer needles.

My experience

Ten years ago I went to the theatre and noticed I had gone to the toilet quite a number of times. My wife said that she had noticed it before and that it was getting worse and was concerned that something was wrong. She persuaded me to go to the doctor about it.

The doctor felt my prostate and told me that I had a benign condition called an enlarged prostate, and that we should keep an eye on it for now and see if the situation changed at all.


In May 2016 I went to the doctor again as I was feeling quite tired a lot of the time. The doctor said that at age 70 I was allowed to feel tired but that he would run a couple of tests just to check. During the process one of the tests that he did was a PSA test and a DRE.

During the DRE my GP said he felt a slightly hard lump on my prostate so was going to send me to get checked out by a urologist. The urologist then told me that he would need to do an MRI scan.

It was explained to me that having an mpMRI scan before a biopsy could help give an indication as to whether or not there was cancer in my prostate that needed investigation through biopsy. I’d heard from a friend that a prostate biopsy could be extremely painful and uncomfortable so was pleased to know that I wouldn’t be sent for one unless the doctors were confident I needed it.

When the results of my MRI scan came back I was told that it had shown two spots on my prostate that would in fact need further investigation. I certainly wasn’t looking forward to it, but I decided that I would go ahead with the biopsy, as I needed to find out what was going on down there.

The urologist told me that as a result of the MRI scan they would be able to use fewer needles in a targeted way because they knew where they needed to take samples from, so that helped.

In the end the biopsy wasn't too bad at all, and I wasn’t left feeling too uncomfortable as I left the hospital.