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On these pages you can read reliable and up-to-date information about prostate cancer and other prostate problems. You can also download or order any of our publications free of charge. If you have questions or want to talk, our Specialist Nurses are here for you.

We have added information about coronavirus (COVID-19) and prostate cancer which aims to answer some of the questions you may have at this time.

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Coronavirus and prostate cancer

Our information about coronavirus (COVID-19) for people living with or after prostate cancer.

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About prostate cancer

Information about prostate cancer, signs and symptoms, risk and incidence.

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1 In 8 Men

Who is at risk?

One in eight men in the UK will get prostate cancer. Age, ethnicity and family history are also factors.

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Read about treatments for prostate cancer, with more information about how to choose.

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Find out about tests and test results for prostate cancer and prostate problems.

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Just diagnosed

Read about the different types of prostate cancer and what your diagnosis means.

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Living with cancer

Dealing with side effects of prostate cancer, practical tips and how to manage.

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Our publications

Order printed publications or read them online. All our publications are free of charge.

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Advanced cancer

Living with advanced prostate cancer, managing symptoms, getting support and planning ahead.

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Partners and families

When you’re close to someone with prostate cancer, the diagnosis can affect you just as much as them.

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Further help

Other prostate problems, information in different formats and languages, personal stories and further support.

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'How to manage' guides

Our interactive online guides can help you take control of symptoms and side effects.