If you are concerned about prostate cancer or prostate problems we can help. We provide a range of information and support so you can choose the services that work for you. All our services are open to men, their family and their friends.

We have added new information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and prostate cancer which aims to answer some of the questions you may have at this time.

Our Specialist Nurses

Ask all the questions you need answers to, or just talk. Our nurses have time for you.

Get Back on Track

Fatigue support

We can help you manage your tiredness and get back on track.

A helpline nurse

Sexual support

The Sexual Support Service offers a chance to talk to one of our Specialist Nurses with an interest in helping with sexual problems.

The Walnut Group, a support group for prostate cancer

Local support

Find local support and get online access to the care and support you need.

Book a virtual awareness activity

Hearing an awareness talk is a great way for groups to learn more about the most common cancer in men. A talk won't work for you? Please get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

Online community man of men

Our online community

Share your experiences with people who've been there.

Our publications

Our publications are designed to answer your questions about prostate cancer and prostate problems.

Man at PC icon

Active Surveillance online support

Our online support group for men who are on active surveillance.

One-to-one support

Anyone affected by prostate disease can talk with one of our trained support volunteers.

Recently diagnosed?

Our explanation of the support that's available to you.

Jim McMonicle at the gym

Diet & exercise support

Find out what support's available for you to manage the effects of prostate cancer and its treatment.

Men reading info for African and African-Carribean men

Want more support via email?

Tell us your email address and we’ll send you everything you need to know about our services, plus regular tips for living well with prostate cancer and after treatment.