Support Group resources


Hello from the Support Group team

On this page you’ll find a list of useful resources that will help you build and maintain both the membership and the presence of your support group. We will be adding new resources to this page over the coming months, but if you have any questions please email [email protected]


Promoting your support group

Promoting your support group online is a great way of increasing your profile and attracting more members. Setting up a page for your support group - like our own Facebook page - is a good first step to promoting your group online. Here are a few links to resources we think are really useful for getting started with Facebook.

How to sign up to Facebook- new to Facebook? Here's how to sign up.

How to use Facebook - some basic tips on how to use Facebook effectively.

How to create a Facebook page - a step by step guide to creating a Facebook page to promote your support group.

Using the media

Working with local media to promote your support group and its activities can be very effective too. Our Media and PR team have created two documents to help you with this.

Media guide - all the tricks of the trade.

Template press release - a starting point to use for local media.