We understand the huge benefits a support group can provide to people affected by prostate cancer. So we can offer your support group access to range of training and resources, whether you're brand new or an established group. We're here for you from the very start.

We can offer two levels of assistance for groups.

Affiliated (Level 1) 

You may already have information and resources, but would still like to benefit from our training and networking opportunities. If so, then this could be the level for you. 

Partner (Level 2)

If you feel like your group could benefit from working more closely with Prostate Cancer UK then this could be the level for you.

Both levels are free to join and give groups access to a number of resources from Prostate Cancer UK.

Take a look at the difference between the two levels of assistance:

Prostate Cancer UK support group assistance level table

Interested in becoming an affiliated or partner level support group?

Applying for funding

If your group becomes an affiliated or partner group, then you can apply for grant funding. There are no costs to doing this. Groups can also choose to change levels if they wish to increase or reduce the amount of support they access.

If you are an affiliated or partner group and are interested in applying for funding, contact supportgroups@prostatecanceruk.org to request an application form.

Good practice scheme

If you are a partner group you can apply to join our good practice scheme. 

If you would like to know more about our work with support groups or wish to apply for the good practice scheme, contact us at supportgroups@prostatecanceruk.org.