Collecting Donations

Thank you for fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK, the donations that you collect will help men with prostate cancer live long and live well.

Whether you’re collecting donations at an event or activity, we want to help make sure your fundraising is seamless, so check out our guidelines below on how to collect money safely and legally. If you have any questions drop us an email at [email protected].

Collecting in a public place

If you’re organising a collection in a public place you’ll need a licence or permission from the local authority. They might ask for proof of your fundraising, so contact us and we’ll provide you with a letter of authority which confirms we’re aware of your fundraising efforts.

Collecting on private property

If it’s on private property (such as a hired venue or home), you’ll need permission from the land owner.

You must carry out all collections in line with the terms of the relevant permit or licence.
If you are a collector for Prostate Cancer UK, you are also required to be aged 18 or over and to agree to the below terms.

Prostate Cancer UK expects that each collector:

  • does not cause, or be likely to cause, danger, obstruction, inconvenience or annoyance to any person through their collection activities;
  • does not bring the name or reputation of Prostate Cancer UK into disrepute;
  • understands that each tin remains the property of Prostate Cancer UK and must be returned to the charity once the collection has ended.
  • Empty tins can be returned to: Prostate Cancer UK Returns, York House, Wetherby Road, Long Marston, YORK, YO26 7NH. Please do not send cash in the post.

How to get your fundraising to us

  • All collection tins and monies must be submitted to Prostate Cancer UK (registered charity number 1005541) within one month of an event or collection. Find out how to pay in your donations here.
  • All donations collected must be submitted in full to Prostate Cancer UK.
  • No deductions may be made for expenses or payment fees from monies collected.
  • If the collection is static or ongoing, the tin must be emptied after three months and all donations submitted to Prostate Cancer UK; if you wish to continue your collection after three months, please contact Prostate Cancer UK who will supply you with additional security seals.
  • A witness, over the age of 18, must be present at the counting of donations and you must be able to get the donations to us safely. Find out how to pay in your donations here. Please do not send any cash in the post.

Download our material order form to order your collection tin and complete the collection tin agreement form. Once you’ve returned this to us at communityfundr[email protected], you’re ready to start fundraising.

Please refer to the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice for the full code outlining the behaviour expected from all fundraisers.