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Do you know a lot of people in your local community? Do you think you could get twenty or more people walking together to stop prostate cancer being a killer?

We would love to see more towns all over the UK taking on their own March for Men, and we’ve got a guide to help you every step of the way when you're getting all your nearest and dearest together. So whether it's a plan or an idea, we'll get in touch to see how we can help.

You could walk to famous landmarks in your town, march around your favourite park - or just walk from point A to point B. Everyone can join in, kids and dogs included.

Camille's East Anglia March for Men

In order to help her deal with her husband’s diagnosis, Camille decided she wanted to start fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK. After attending our Nottingham March for Men event in 2018, she decided to organise her own March for Men for her community in Peterborough: a huge success with a turnout of 350 people. Through all of her fundraising activities, she managed to raise over £17,000.

This year, Camille has decided to organise her second March for Men event, taking place on 6 October 2019. It's going to be bigger and better, with the option to take part in a 2k, 5k or 10k walk. Camille has also included a family fun day with different activities for all ages.

"This year I want to raise even more awareness about prostate cancer and encourage people to celebrate the lives of our men – past, present and future. I have a son and I want the situation around prostate cancer to be different for him and his generation. Hopefully by the time he is at an age where he is at risk of prostate cancer, there will be a proper screening programme that can accurately detect prostate cancer."

Jackie's community march

Jackie's husband, Billy was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2016. Shortly afterwards, he decided to have surgery to remove his prostate. After meeting so many other families in the hospital where Billy had his operation, Jackie decided it was time to bring awareness to Northern Ireland and raise funds for research to help beat the disease. 

"Last September I organised my own March for Men at Stormont Estate and spread the word to friends and family. I also posted messages on Facebook, and managed to convince our local paper to run a story on it. We had over 150 join us on the day which was amazing. And we're planning to do it all over again in 2018! The more people we tell about this disease, and the more funds that we raise, the more lives we can save in the future."

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