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Let’s club together to beat prostate cancer

Prostate cancer exists in every golf club. One man dies every 45 minutes, the same time it takes to play three holes of golf, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Join Danny Willett, Colin Montgomerie and thousands of others in supporting us to help beat prostate cancer.

Research labs across the UK have closed due to the lockdown. With many golf courses reopening, you can get involved to ensure these labs can open again and our progress isn’t lost.

Take on our newest golfing challenge, latest golfing challenge, ​The Big Golf Race, or wear your Glenmuir branded golf top and ‘Man of Men’ pin badge with pride whilst on the course. 

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Golf ace Danny Willett joins the movement against prostate cancer

The 2016 Masters champion, Danny Willett joins the HowDidIDo and PGA pros such as Andrew Murray and many more in raising awareness and funds in the golfing community.

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YouTube, 8th hole dedication and funding research: golfers club together to stop prostate cancer

All over the UK, golf lovers are rallying together against prostate cancer, raising over £700,000 in the last year alone. Here we meet just a few of our supporters doing what they can to beat a disease that kills 1 man every 45 minutes - the time it takes to play 3 holes of golf. 

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"Prostate Cancer UK’s movement for men brought people together at the club who weren’t friends before”

After being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, keen golfer David Hadley-Smith was blown away by the support of his family and friends at his local club, Moor Hall Golf Club, during his recovery. So when he and wife Sandra, Ladies Captain at the club, decided to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK on behalf of his close friend who was dying from the disease, it seemed like the obvious choice to put on a golf day at the club and encourage other members to get tested, too.

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The black golfers saving men's lives

For the last six years, the African Caribbean Golf Association has been challenging taboos and raising awareness of a disease that hits one-in-four black men. We meet four of its members and find out how it all began.

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