Real Stories
10 Jun 2024

Andrew and Gary: Two different stories, one life-changing diagnosis

This Men’s Health Week and Father’s Day, we’re encouraging every man to ‘Find it Earlier’ so they can continue to enjoy the big – and small – moments in their life. The journey of a prostate cancer diagnosis won’t be the same for everyone. But we know the sooner it’s found, the easier it is to treat – and this can save lives. 

Take Andrew and Gary – two men who were both diagnosed with prostate cancer but whose journeys have led them on very different paths.  

For both men, their diagnosis changed their lives. It gave them more time to spend with their loved ones, make memories that will last a lifetime and continue doing what matters most to them. But their two journeys could not have been more different. 

An early diagnosis saved his life

Andrew’s story begins two years ago when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer after getting a PSA blood test from his GP. Even though Andrew had no symptoms at the time, his father had prostate cancer – so he knew his risk was higher and that he ought to get himself checked. He received an early diagnosis – and because of that, he had a range of treatments and options available to him. 

Today, Andrew is in good health and takes every opportunity to live life to the full. He looks at life differently now, spending his time planning amazing trips with his partner and saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity. 

More time to enjoy every day

Gary’s journey lies at the opposite end of the spectrum. Struggling with a chest infection that developed into pneumonia, he went to Guy’s Hospital in London to receive treatment and left with an unrelated but much more serious stage four prostate cancer diagnosis. Even though Gary had received a late diagnosis as his cancer had spread to the bones and lymph system, the news transformed his life. By going onto the right trial and taking medication that suited him best, he was able to live the life he wanted. 

It’s been 13 years since his diagnosis, and Gary continues to appreciate the years he’s been given. He feels he has his future back and has been able to make incredible memories with his family, like celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife and seeing his daughter get married in Mallorca. 

Whatever part of that journey you’re on, you can still keep going. You can still live your life.

Every man should know their risk. It’s about time.

So, it’s about time you checked your risk of prostate cancer online. It only takes 30 seconds and tells you if you’re at higher risk and what you can do about it. Finding prostate cancer earlier gives you more time to do what matters most to you. 

Already joined the more than two and a half million men who have checked their risk using our risk checker? You can help more men and those who love them by sharing the risk checker with your family, friends and on social media. Let’s make it unmissable this summer! 

Help us go one step further this Men’s Health Week

As we mark Men’s Health Week, there are lots of other ways you can support our campaign by helping raise awareness of prostate cancer risk and the importance of early detection. 

  • Share our campaign with your friends, family and followers by visiting our campaign hub and downloading the toolkit. By helping us spread the word with the people in your life, you’ll be encouraging more men to know their risk and get a potentially life-changing early diagnosis. 
  • Get behind our ground-breaking research. An effective, national screening programme for prostate cancer will help save thousands of lives, and that’s why we’ve launched our biggest ever trial – the £42million TRANSFORM study. You can back this game-changing research by entering the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, Surrey. 
  • Join us for our next webinar. On 26 June, we’re hosting a webinar that will explain more about the common myths around prostate cancer and how you can have life-saving conversations about risk with the men in your life. Sign up for the webinar today.