Been there, done that, got the Green Jacket. A quick-fire Q&A with 2016 Masters Champion – Danny Willett.

We caught up with our star signing, Danny Willett, with a quick-fire round of questions to see what he’s been up to and how he’s helping Prostate Cancer UK take on the number one diagnosed cancer in the UK. Danny will be working with us next year too!

What have you been up to?

With golf being off, I’ve used the time to wind down. On tour it’s not often we stay home for a prolonged period, being at home with Nicole and the boys has been a welcome change and I've enjoyed the family time. Though I did manage to work with my coach, Sean Foley, as he only lives down the road, which was a good opportunity to work on my swing.

When tournaments got underway, it went a bit zero to one hundred, but it was certainly great to be back playing and get my Man of Men badge back on my bag and out on the course!

How do you feel about playing behind closed doors?

It's great to be back playing in the Major tournaments again. And now it's time for the Masters. Of course, it feels a little peculiar playing with no crowds now having been fortunate enough to have played in front of fantastic crowds throughout my time on the Tours. As players we certainly are fuelled by roaring fans especially when you’re in contention, though when things aren’t going to plan it can be a different story and you sometimes wish that no one was there to watch you at all!

Pic: Danny's Masters special edition tour bag

As a Masters champion, how do you feel about heading to Augusta in November?

Well I’m lucky enough to be able to invite a guest to play the Sunday before the tournament, so for the previous three years I’ve arrived on the Saturday and played the Sunday. That will certainly help to acclimatise to the less familiar conditions and will give me an early insight into how the course might play differently.

Whether it’s April or November, I’m always excited to go back - as a past champion you are only allowed to take the green jacket off site for the following year, so to go back and try it on is always a special feeling.

Why are Prostate Cancer UK and golf a good team?

Working with Prostate Cancer UK has been an eye-opening experience and they have really blazed a trail with their work in golf in recent years. The disease sadly still exists in every golf club, and one man dies from prostate cancer every 45 minutes. When I first heard that stat in particular, I was shocked – that’s one man every three holes. A lot of players at clubs are in the high-risk categories too, so it’s really important we raise the awareness of Prostate Cancer UK around golf to encourage this group of men to check their health, something we often put off. I've not been able to do everything I wanted this year supporting the charity, but let's hope we can get it done in 2021. So I'm delighted to announce I'm supporting Prostate Cancer UK next year.

How you can get involved*

Get your game on with The Big Golf Race. Prostate Cancer UK’s latest golf challenge is a great way to get together, have a laugh and raise some money… maybe win a prize too. There are three options, Marathon (4 rounds in a day), Half Marathon (two rounds) and Sprint (one round as quickly as possible) and it’s super easy to join but no mean feat to conquer.

Or you can get involved with The Prostate Cancer UK Golf Society. It’s a fantastic community of golfers who use the game to make a difference. Golf is one of those sports that brings people together and the Society is a great way to get involved in some incredible opportunities to support the cause whilst you’re out on the course.

Join the Prostate Cancer UK society here or check out our Facebook group to see what our fundraisers have been doing to help us ‘beat it’, discover more about our upcoming events or find likeminded golfers to join you for a round.


*Please abide by your club rules and Government guidance in your area when playing golf.


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