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27 Mar 2020

Some self-isolation inspiration

In these strange times, it’s important to celebrate the small victories.

It’s been great seeing your positive messages on our social media pages. We've even had a supporter host a singalong on zoom! It's a welcome reminder that there are thousands of brilliant people out there to lift our spirits while we all go through this difficult time together.

We thought you might enjoy this news piece shared on BBC Radio London Sport. The #BBCMakeADifference segment aims to link up the most vulnerable with others who can help.

When the team got a call from AFC Wimbledon fan David in Beckenham, who's recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was running low on shopping and supplies, they passed the message on to us, and one of our staff members stepped up to the plate.

One of our IT staff members, James, who lives nearby, went on to complete his own version of supermarket sweep. He said, "I saw a blog post on our intranet asking if anybody lived near Beckenham who could help a chap who had recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and also had asthma, and needed to be in isolation for 12 weeks. He was getting worried about running out of food. I realised that I was probably the closest person to him. I gave him a call, and worked out a shopping list. He was really grateful and relieved and left me a thank you card (pictured above) which was all the thanks I needed."

James' mission personified our 'Men, we are with you' approach, and was boosted by other do-gooders, even getting some extra eggs donated by a cafe owner next door.

David didn't get the chance to meet James face-to-face, but left him a card and sent him this message: "It was a God send. Really marvellous. Especially as everything happened on the same day as I phoned the show. It’s quite gratifying really. And you see and hear a lot of stories like this in times like these. When you meet someone like James it restores your faith in humanity."


Listen to the story on BBC sounds.

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