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07 Feb 2020
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Lloyd Pinder is determined to beat the odds for his family, and families everywhere

Our Spring appeal aims to keep men like Lloyd with their families for as long as possible.

Lloyd Pinder 'collapsed into a flood of tears' when he found out he had advanced prostate cancer, with a five-to-ten-year prognosis, at just 44. Nearly four years on from this devastating news, Lloyd is still as determined as ever to be be around for special moments with his young daughters. 

We first met Lloyd Pinder on Jeff Stelling’s March for Men for us back in 2016. At the time, he was 44 and still reeling from a diagnosis of terminal prostate cancer only two months earlier. But with everything to live for, Lloyd marched the marathon distance alongside Jeff. Today he continues to, in his words, ‘rattle that tin’ for all men in the hopes that one day research will come through with the answers.

“From the outside, my wife, my girls (Gracie, 11 and Lola, 7) and I still live a typical British life that I love. I still enjoy having a run around on the football pitch whenever I get the chance. We take the girls to school every morning, like any other family. But in reality there isn’t an hour that goes by when prostate cancer isn’t on my mind. I’m constantly thinking, I’m not going to be around for these moments.”

“But I want to be around for these moments. I have everything to live for. I’ve always tried to be as positive as possible, not just for myself but for my family. Because I’ve got such a brilliant life.”

Research funded by Prostate Cancer UK is helping people like me enjoy life for as long as I possibly can.
Lloyd Pinder

“I’ve been through so many different treatments, like chemotherapy and docetaxel. They all eventually stopped working so my options are limiting. But I’m always hopeful and new treatments funded by Prostate Cancer UK really could keep me around for my daughters.”

“I just have to live long enough to be able to tap into research into new treatments, it's as simple as that. I would love millions, billions of pounds even to go into prostate cancer research to keep me living longer for my family. Research is vital, it could mean that I can function with my illness and live to a ripe old age.”

I'm doing it for my wife and my kids. I want to see my children go to university. I want to see them be successful. I just want to be around. I don’t want my daughters to have to grow up without a father.
Lloyd Pinder

“So, I’ve been trying to do my bit to to raise money for the cause. Indirectly, I’ve probably helped raise around £60,000 by walking in the Leeds March for Men every June. It’s not much but it’s a start. I also got my work involved in fundraising to support Prostate Cancer UK.”

“It’s not easy to ‘rattle that tin’ but Prostate Cancer UK are doing it for people like me and I want to give back in any way that I can. It’s vitally important what you guys do. I want to make sure other men don’t go through what I’m going through”

Your support can keep men with their families for longer, so that Lloyd can be around for the important milestones in his daughters’ lives. Give today to help bring pioneering new treatments to men like Lloyd and his family.