This Christmas, we're trying to harness the power of the immune system to fight prostate cancer for the first time. We need your help to raise a million pounds to fund potentially ground-breaking research.

29 Nov 2019

This Christmas, help us raise a million pounds to keep more families together.

Prostate cancer immunotherapy could be a game-changing treatment that could keep thousands more families and friends with the men they love, but there are biological barriers that make it very tricky to train the immune system to target prostate cancer cells.

Professor Helen McCarthy, from Queen’s University Belfast, is one of the researchers already making significant progress in immunotherapy research. She's aiming to perfect the delivery of a prostate cancer vaccine that will signal the immune system to recognise and destroy any cancer cells.

Researchers like Helen, and families across the country, need your help. Here's ten fun ways to help deliver prostate cancer immunotherapies this Christmas...

1. Donate to our appeal and share Bernie’s story.

Bernie was committed to new research. His wife Sue says Christmas is different without him around, but she knows he’d be delighted to be such a crucial part of our Christmas appeal. And this donation isn't just any donation, teamwork makes it way more fun - our amazing partner Jacamo will match any donation you make.

2. Fund research and spread festive cheer with Prostate Cancer UK Christmas cards.


3. Host a Mince Pie Bake Off.

Channel your inner Paul and Mary. Host a festive bake off and mercilessly judge the best mince pie in your work or with friends and family. And obviously you'll be showing off your own. Use our Brew and Bake kit. Easy.

4. Run a reindeer sweepstake. 

World Cup sweepstakes? So last year. Get everyone in the office aboard this sleigh ride of festive fun.

5. Share Professor Helen McCarthy's appeal film on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Try some not-so-skinny dipping with a Christmas swim.

In this freezing British winter weather, after stuffing yourself with turkey and mince pies, don’t you just wish you could strip off and jump in a lake? You’re not alone. Grab your friends and family, get your kit off and get in the sea, or lake, or river. Want some tips on how that could work? Get in touch.

7. Buy a Christmas jumper. 

Have a special winter jumper that you’ve been waiting to flaunt? If not buy this beauty from Burton, then download our free poster and ask your colleagues for a small donation to take part in Christmas Jumper Day.

8. What to get the man who has everything? More socks of course

9. Eyeing up Black Friday deals? If you use Amazon, smile.

Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of the price of your purchase to a charitable organisation of your choice (wonder who that'll be?).

10. Create your own festive fun.

There's endless ways you can help us keep more families together this Christmas. Need inspiration? Go wild.

Thank you!

Innovative new treatments like Professor McCarthy’s can give families more time with the men they love. Time to enjoy the brilliant, silly, caring, heart-warming, selfless things our Dads, brothers, sons and friends do. The things that make Christmas great. The things we miss when they’re lost too soon.

This Christmas, and always; Men, we are with you.

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