Men United v Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer kills one man every hour. Men United v Prostate Cancer aims to challenge this strike rate.

It is time for men to come together, as Men United, against the common enemy of prostate cancer, one of the UK’s biggest man killers.

We are building Men United, a growing team across the UK, to get the message out there about one of the UK’s biggest man killers, support men affected by it, and raise funds to find more reliable tests and treatments for the future. 

Joining Men United is about men standing together, from the terraces to the pub and beyond, to say, quite simply, that men deserve better. 

Men United v Prostate Cancer. We can win this.

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Wales’ foremost cancer charity Tenovus has joined forces with leading men’s health organisations Prostate Cancer UK and The Movember Foundation to launch the country’s first ‘ManVan’.Read more

Today 19 March 2014, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is holding its final committee meeting to appraise advanced prostate cancer drug enzalutamide for use on the NHS in England and Wales for men who have already had chemotherapy. Since January Prostate Cancer UK has been spearheading a campaign against proposed restrictions in access to the life-extending treatment which have sparked outrage among thousands affected by the disease across the country.Read more

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