A novel approach to stop tumour growth

In a nutshell

This project will study a group of proteins called adhesion molecules in the stromal cells (non-cancerous supporting cells) around a tumour. Scientists think that changes in these molecules allow cancer cells to escape from the primary tumour and spread (metastasise). Testing how drugs against these molecules in mixed prostate cancer/stromal cell cultures affect cancer cell spread may be the first step in developing a new drug to prevent metastasis.

Why we funded it

Prostate cancer that has spread to another part of the body (metastasised) is currently very difficult to treat. The ability to prevent this occurring would represent a big step forward in our ability to treat prostate cancer.

Previous research has shown that changes occur in the tumour itself and also in the cells surrounding and supporting it when the cancer spreads. These non-cancerous supporting cells are called stromal cells and are the focus of this project. The scientists hope that this work will provide valuable insights into how cancer cells migrate (move) and spread, and therefore how to prevent it.

Grant information

Institution - University of York
Researcher - Dr Mark Coles
Grant award - £99,136
Duration - 2013-2016
Reference - S12-029 Coles