Development of a novel strategy for targeting treatment refractory prostate cancer

In a nutshell

This study will thoroughly test a new drug, which should work when current hormone therapies fail, in the lab, so that it can go on to be tested in the clinic.

Why we funded it

Prostate cancer growth is dependent on hormones called androgens (eg testosterone), which promote cell growth. Androgens bind to and activate the androgen receptor (AR) and many current therapies target either androgen production or AR activity.

However, cancers may become resistant to this hormone therapy. When this happens, relapse is common and results in the return of aggressive prostate cancer. Therefore, better methods of targeting the AR are required to prevent the cycle of resistance and relapse. This project proposes a new way to inhibit the AR that works even in the presence of hormones.

Grant information

Institution - Imperial College London
Researcher - Dr Charlotte Bevan
Grant award - £99,155
Duration - 2013-2016
Reference - S12-026 Bevan