Using the pattern of genes expressed when oxygen levels in a tumour are low to identify patients who are less likely to benefit from radiotherapy

In a nutshell

This project looks to identify men with locally-advanced prostate cancer with tumours with low levels of oxygen. These patients may benefit from treatments that increase the levels of oxygen in the tumour and are likely to improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy.

Why we funded it

There is good evidencethat low levels of oxygenin prostate cancers are linked to a poor response to radiotherapy. The aim of this study therefore is to devise aclinical test to identify prostate cancer patients whose tumours have lowlevels of oxygen. This will allow doctors to select patients who are most likely to benefit from appropriate radiotherapy.

Grant information

Researcher - Dr Ananya Choudhury
Institution - University of Manchester
Grant award - £331,429
Reference – PG14-008-TR2