Institution - Imperial College London
Researcher - Professor Charlotte Bevan
Grant award - £211,800
Duration - 2014-2017
Reference - PG13-033 Bevan

In a nutshell

Developing an accurate model of androgen signaling in prostate cancer that can be used to monitor the activity of promising new drug candidates.

Why we funded it

Many of the current prostate cancer therapies come along with a series of potentially severe side effects. Part of the reason for this is that many therapies aim to stop the prostate responding to androgens, male sex hormones. Androgens are needed for prostate cancer growth but also play many other roles in the body, which are also affected when the drugs are used, leading to the side effects. This project aims to develop a model where active androgen signal will “light up” and can be observed by the scientists. This will let them study what happens when prostate cancer progresses and stops responding to androgens. It will also let them watch what happens when various drugs are used and help them to predict the side effects that a particular drug might have. This will help in the discovery and development of more effective treatments with fewer side effects.

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