Institution - University College London
Researcher - Mr Hashim Ahmed
Grant award - £171,677
Duration - 2014-2016
Reference - PG13-025 Ahmed

In a nutshell

A study to find out if combining different types of Ultrasound images, in a technique called multi-parametric Ultrasound, can help identify men with aggressive prostate cancer.

Why we funded it

Currently, many men with a raised PSA undergo a prostate biopsy taken through the rectum. This can be a painful procedure, and may also cause bleeding and sometimes serious infection. Furthermore, a number of biopsies taken this way often detect harmless cancers that are slow growing, have a low risk of spreading and which may never cause any symptoms or problems. This may lead to anxiety and unnecessary treatment. The use of Ultrasound imaging could help detect aggressive and non-aggressive prostate cancers and reduce the number of men who undergo unnecessary biopsies.

Progress so far

The researchers have carried out a pilot study on 20 men to develop the technique for carrying out and reporting the multi-parametric ultrasound scan for the prostate. Now that this is complete, they are aiming to recruit about 300 men to the trial at multiple hospitals.