Ultrasound characterisation of tissues' stiffness in prostate cancer

The project in a nutshell

Testing whether using a new form of ultrasound to measure tissue stiffness can be used to accurately show the location of prostate cancer tumours and tell whether it's aggressive or not.

Why we funded it

Prostate biopsies, which are currently used to assess location of prostate cancer could be guided by this type of ultrasound to make the results more accurate and less invasive. This type of imaging could also be used to help define risk.

Progress so far (Year 3 of 4) 

The researchers have recruited over 90 per cent of the patients required for this trial. In their final year they will complete recruitment, after which they will develop 3D maps of prostates to compare the data they have gathered from different techniques. An early analysis indicates that the ultrasound scan is as accurate as MRI, while being cheaper and easier to use.

Grant information

Institution - University of Dundee
Researcher - Mr Ghulam Nabi
Grant award - £237,199
Duration - 2013-2016
Reference - PG12-39 Nabi