Can we develop a new hormonally targeted treatment for prostate cancer?

The project in a nutshell

Working out why blocking an enzyme called LSD1 stops the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Why we funded it

Hormonal therapies deplete or block the effects of hormones such as testosterone which stimulate androgen receptors on prostate cancer cells. Androgen receptors are critical in causing prostate cancer cells to grow.

LSD1 is known to contribute to 'activation' of androgen receptors and previous research shows that drugs which stopped LSD1 from working also stopped prostate cancer cells growing. This research project will look to determine why this happens, and could lead to an entirely new approach to treating prostate cancer.

Grant information

Institution - University of Southampton
Researcher - Dr Simon Crabb
Grant award - £112,802
Duration - 2013-2015
Reference - PG12-03 Crabb