Researcher - Professor Myra Olga McClure
Institution - Imperial College London
Grant award - £74,867.00
Reference - PA14-034

In a nutshell

The researchers want to find out whether a virus infection explains why some people of African and African-Caribbean origin are at greater risk of prostate cancer.

Why we funded it

1 in 4 Black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime in the UK – that’s double the overall 1 in 8 risk faced by all men .In this study, researchers will look for a virus in African and African-Caribbean men and particularly in men with a family history of prostate cancer from this ethnic group. Scientists have been looking for a link between infection and prostate cancer for the last 30 years, but haven’t found one yet. Now technology has advanced to the stage where it’s possible to look at the RNA level (RNA is a type of genetic material - an intermediate stage that translates the DNA ‘instructions’ into proteins that carry out those instructions) for evidence of any viral infection. If prostate cancer could be linked to a virus in African and African-Caribbean men, it opens up new possibilities for treatment and prevention in these men.

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