Researcher - Professor Hardev Pandha
Institution - University of Surrey
Grant award - £46,776.00
Reference - PA14-009

In a nutshell

We know from previous research that some live viruses can kill cancer cells. One such virus is the reovirus. When this virus kills cancer cells, the dying cells release molecules that stimulate the body’s immune system to kill more cancer cells. These researchers want to enhance this effect, by combining the reovirus with other drugs called checkpoint blockers which allow immune cells to stay active for longer.

Why we funded it

At the moment, we don’t have any drugs for long-term management of advanced prostate cancer. All the current alternatives eventually stop working, and men are still dying from the aggressive form of this disease. This combination of virus treatment and immune-checkpoint blocking has the potential to change this, by boosting men’s immune systems to help them fight off their cancer.