Institution - University of East Anglia
Researcher - Dr Wafa Al-Jamal
Grant award - £749,218
Duration - 2014-2019
Reference - CDF12-002 Al-Jamal

In a nutshell

Looking into better ways to deliver chemotherapy to prostate cancer patients. Standard chemotherapy can’t tell cancerous cells apart from healthy ones and can cause serious side effects. This project is to develop a new technique to target chemotherapy drugs directly to the cancerous cells; making it more effective and reducing side effects.

Why we funded it

Chemotherapy is a commonly used therapy for prostate cancer but it can cause serious side effects, because it can’t tell apart cancerous cells from healthy ones. The researchers carrying out this project work in a new area called nanomedicine. This uses really small particles (called nano-carriers) to deliver a drug to where it is needed. In this case, it will be used to target chemotherapy drugs to prostate cancer cells. By specifically killing the cancerous cells it is hoped that side effects will be reduced. The nano-carriers can recognise prostate cancer cells wherever they may be in the body, so this technique could also provide an effective treatment for cancer that has spread to other parts of the body (metastasised).

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