Treatments for aggressive disease

These projects all focus on improving treatments for prostate cancer. This includes research into new treatment options, but also work that aims to improve treatments that we already have. Ultimately, we want to find ways to target treatments so that men get the best treatments for their particular circumstances.

Using the pattern of genes expressed when oxygen levels in a tumour are low to identify patients who are less likely to benefit from radiotherapy

Funded research by Dr Ananya Choudhury of the University of Manchester which looks to identify patients with low oxygen (hypoxic) prostate cancers. This will allow doctors to select patients who are most likely to benefit from appropriate radiotherapy.

Using whole body imaging to assess how well treatment is working for prostate cancer patients with bone metastases

Dow Mu Koh

Funded research by Dr Dow-Mu Koh of Royal Marsden Hospital which looks to test whether a technique called whole body diffusion weighted imaging is a reliable method of how well patients with advanced prostate cancer, who have been treated with olaparib, are responding to treatment.

Investigation into whether we can control hormone resistant prostate cancer better by adding statins to traditional hormone treatment

Hing Leung

Funded research by Professor Hing Leung of the University of Glasgow which looks at whether adding statins to hormone treatment will improve treatment response in hormone resistant disease, and whether any new tests can track how well the cancer is responding to treatment.