Our key research achievements

We are proud of our ambitious plans for the future and our investment so far. Money we've spent on research has contributed to the following achievements:

  • Developed a new treatment for early prostate cancer
  • Set up a prostate cancer research centre to nurture talented researchers
  • Revealed that African Caribbean men are more likely to develop prostate cancer

2015/16 - Research Review

2015 was the first year of our new ten-year strategy to tame prostate cancer through better treatment, better diagnosis and better prevention.

We invested over £3 million into new grants, including translational grants to bring exciting new research closer to the clinic, a tool to help determine a man's risk of prostate cancer for GPs, and four new PhD students tackling big data to understand how prostate cancer develops.

Read more about it in our Research Review.

2013/14 - Research Review

This year saw a number of milestone achievements at Prostate Cancer UK with the launch of two Movember Centres of Excellence, our first ever Career Development Fellowship Awards and a flagship joint clinical research award with the Chief Scientist Office in Scotland amongst other things.

Read all about it in our Research Review.

2012/13 - Record year

In the last financial year we invested more than ever before in terms of the number of grants we awarded, the amount of funding we offered and the areas we reached. We supported:
  • Twenty-one new research grants, of which 20 were for UK research institutes comprising of 13 in England, three in Scotland, two in Northern Ireland and two in Wales
  • Seven new PhD studentship awards and one new clinical training research fellowship jointly funded with the Medical Research Council
  • The new awards are mainly focused on developing new, better treatments for advanced prostate cancer, with one grant to try and understand the development of benign prostate hyperplasia (enlargening of the prostate) and two others investigating better ways to diagnose and distinguish aggressive tumour types.

2011/12 - Giant step forward for men

With the launch of our new Research Strategy 2012-20 we took a huge step towards becoming a game-changing investor in prostate cancer research. With help from the Movember Foundation, we've committed to spend £7 million on research each year for at least the next three years. This is a huge increase. We decided to focus on funding projects aimed at:

  1. Identifying men at highest risk of developing clinically significant prostate cancer
  2. Distinguishing aggressive prostate cancer from indolent disease
  3. Finding new, targeted treatments for advanced prostate cancer

Information on available grant funding can be found on our For researchers pages.

In Spring 2011 we became the first men's health organisation to gain membership of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI). The NCRI is a partnership between the government, charity and industry which promotes co-operation amongst its members for the benefit of patients, the public and the scientific community.

2010/11 - Record year

In the 2010-11 financial year we invested more than ever before in terms of the number of grants we awarded, the amount of funding we offered and the areas we reached. We supported:

  • Three new projects looking at ways to improve the diagnosis of prostate cancer
  • Ten projects investigating new treatments or ways to improve current treatments
  • Pioneering research into helping men cope with the side effects of hormone therapy