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How do I create and submit an application?

All applications are to be made using our online Grant Management System.

You will first be required to register onto our online system before you can access the application forms. All mandatory sections of the online form must be completed and the application must be approved by the relevant individuals before it can be submitted.

For further information on how to use our online Grant Management System, please refer to the accompanying guidance document.

What is the success rate for applications?

The figures represent the number of applications awarded funding compared to the number of applications received.

  • 2012/13: 28% success rate, 105 applications received
  • 2013/14: 16% success rate, 136 applications received
  • 2014/15: 22% success rate, 126 applications received

For 2015/16 (broken down by funding scheme):

Research Innovation Awards

  • 52% of applications were shortlisted from Expression of Interest to the Second Stage
  • 24% of the shortlisted applications were successful in obtaining funding (13% of the total number of Expressions of Interest)

Prize Fellowships

  • 33% of applicants were successful in obtaining funding

PhD Studentships

  • 44% of applicants were successful in obtaining funding

Major awards/themed calls

  • 27% of applicants were successful in obtaining funding

What are the upcoming grant funding opportunities?

As set out in our ambitious Research Strategy, we aim to invest in the most innovative research that has the potential to create a step change in our knowledge of prostate cancer. We have to be smarter in how we detect and treat prostate cancer at every stage, and we need to develop personalised approaches for every man to achieve the best outcome. Ultimately we want to see fewer men dying from prostate cancer!

Funding opportunities are currently available through the following channels:

Research Innovation Awards

  • We are looking for innovative, game changing research that clearly demonstrates potential to make a real impact on the lives of men with or at risk of prostate cancer. 
    Deadline for expressions of interest is 12pm (noon) on 17 September 2018.

Training Learning & Development

I work for a company, can I apply?

We will only accept applications that are led by researchers who work within a recognised academic or clinical institution in the UK (including N. Ireland).  Lead Applicants will normally hold tenured or tenure-track academic appointments, or for clinical applicants, they should hold an honorary academic contract at a recognised academic institution.

We will not accept applications that have been submitted and are led by commercial organisations.

However, projects may involve collaboration with an industry partner/commercial organisation, and so you may wish to consider collaborating with established researchers who are based at an academic institution.  Please note that any industry partner collaborating on a funded project will be expected to be able to sign up to our standard terms and conditions including the clauses relating to IP.

Will the information I submit in my application remain confidential?

We understand that research application may contain confidential and sensitive material.  We therefore take confidentiality very seriously.  Every member of our Research Advisory Committee, as well as our Grants Advisory Panel, have signed a terms of reference and confidentiality agreement.  We also highlight our confidentiality policy to all external peer reviewers assessing the applications, and thry must agree to these terms before they can be granted access to the application documentation.  This is with the exception of the application abstract, which is included in the invitations to potential peer reviewers, to help them decide whether they are able to provide an assessment.

Our terms of confidentiality are as follows:

Can I request for my application to NOT be reviewed by particular individuals?

We use national and international peer reviewers to assist our Research Advisory Committee in assessing the quality of the research applications we receive.

You may provide suggestions for independent reviewers who would be qualified to critically assess your application, as well as any individuals you may wish to be excluded from the review process.  However, you may only request exclusions when there is a serious conflict of interest or commercial sensitivity.

Whilst we will take into consideration your suggestions and requests relating to the assessment of your proposal, we are under no obligation to take up applicants’ suggestions/exclusions for reviewers and we will not enter into discussion with applicants on this matter.

Who sits on your Research Advisory Committee?

We have assembled a panel of international experts to assess the research applications we receive.  Find out more about our Research Advisory Committee.

What costs can I include in my proposal?

For full details on eligible costs please refer to our Finance Eligibility Guidance.

For projects involving clinical research, applications must comply with the Department of Health’s guidance on “Attributing the costs of health and social care research and development (AcoRD)”.  In accordance with these guidelines, we will only fund the Research Costs associated with the study.

Why do I need to provide a lay summary of my application?

We believe it essential to consider the views of men affected by prostate cancer, and their families, when making funding decisions. We therefore have established the Grants Advisory Panel to help assess the research applications we receive.  This panel consists of people with direct experience of prostate cancer and it is their role to review the applications from a lay perspective. 

Your lay summary is therefore vital to explain and justify the purpose and scope of your research proposal to members of this panel.  If your lay summary does not clearly convey the importance of your research project for men affected by prostate cancer then it will adversely affect the chance of your application being funded, and we will take no responsibility for translating the science if the lay summary is inadequate. 

If your application is successful in receiving funding, we will use your lay summary to publicise our research portfolio. The money that funds our research programme is generously donated by individuals, trusts and companies who trust us to support the best research in the right way, and so we have a duty to keep them informed of the charity’s research activities.

Do you fund research which involves the use of animals or stem cells?

Please refer to our Position Statement on the use of animals and stem cells in research for full details on Prostate Cancer UK's stance on these topics.

Can I resubmit my application if it's unsuccessful?

We do allow unsuccessful applicants to reapply to future grant rounds, as long as the proposal is significantly different from that which was previously submitted (unless new data relevant to the proposal can be provided), and as long as the resubmission takes into consideration the feedback provided from the Research Advisory Committee.

What are your standard terms and conditions?

Our full terms and conditions may be found here. Please note that these terms are subject to change.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding the above, or if you would like to discuss your application further with us, please contact the Prostate Cancer UK Research team on: