Open for applications Summer 2020

Current treatments for prostate cancer that is contained in the prostate still cause significant harm from side effects, and are not always effective at stopping the disease. We want to reduce side effects from current treatments, so no man has to sacrifice their quality of life for a cure.

Following the launch of our new research strategy, we have a new and much-needed focus on improving outcomes for men with localised disease treated with surgery, radiotherapy or other new combination therapies, to ensure treatments are more likely to cure men and less likely to harm them.

In Summer 2020 we will be launching a new strategic initiative to fund research which can improve outcomes for men treated in the curative setting.

This can be research that helps men select the most appropriate treatment for them, research aimed at increasing the effectiveness of initial treatment in terms of cancer control, or research focused on reducing side effects from initial treatment, without reducing cancer control.

Submission deadline for applications will be in October 2020. Further details about this funding opportunity will be announced shortly on this web page and via our research newsletter – sign up now to make sure you don’t miss out.