External Funding Opportunities

Please be aware that the list below is a brief overview of calls run by other funders, we advise you to find out more by contacting the organisations and visiting their websites for detailed information 

Need some help putting a team together?

If you need some help with building a research team and would like support in coordinating discussions with other researchers, please don't hesitate to contact us at research@prostatecanceruk.org and we can help to facilitate these communications.

Current Calls

Call: Innovation and Research Fund 2022
Funder: The Urology Foundation
Open now
Submission deadline: 31 January 2022
Funding for projects that seek to use new, exciting, innovative approaches to address urological diseases and disorders.

Call: Clinical Trial Award
Funder: Cancer Research UK
Open now
Submission deadline: 17 February 2022
Supports interventional clinical trials of cancer treatment (including systemic treatment, radiotherapy and surgery) with the aim of improving outcome.

Call: Early Detection and Diagnosis Primer Award
Funder: Cancer Research UK
Open now
Submission deadline: 10 March 2022
Supports researchers at all stages to develop early, novel and outside-the-box ideas and collaborations to build and make progress in the Early detection and diagnosis field.

Call: Experimental Medicine
Funder: Medical Research Council
Open on: 19 January 2022
Submission deadline: 16 March 2022
Funding to investigate the causes, progression and treatment of human disease.

Call: Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme
Funder: Medical Research Council
Open on: 7 February 2022
Submission deadline: 23 March 2022
Funding to develop and test novel therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and other interventions.

Call: Early Detection and Diagnosis Programme Award
Funder: Cancer Research UK
Open now
Submission deadline: 24 March 2022
Funds long-term, integrated and renewable programmes of exceptional science to transform how and when early cancers and pre-cancerous states are diagnosed.

Call: Rosetrees 2022 Interdisciplinary Award
Funder: Rosetrees Trust
Open now
Submission deadline: 28 April 2022
An award to encourage collaboration between Clinicians or Scientists and experts in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

Career Development

Call: Doctoral Fellowship Round 7
Funder: NIHR Academy
Open now
Submission deadline: 18 January 2022
Funding for those looking to undertake a PhD.

Call: Academy of Medical Sciences Professorship Scheme
Funder: Academy of Medical Sciences
Open now
Submission deadline:
9 February 2022
These awards offer flexible support to biomedical and healthcare researchers, who have moved to the UK, during the initial years of a full Professorship.

Call: Fellowship
Funder: Cancer Research UK
Open now
Submission deadline: 30 March 2022
Five schemes currently open: Career Establishment Award, Career Development Fellowship, Senior Cancer Research Fellowship, Clinician Scientist Fellowship, Advanced Clinician Scientist Fellowship. These funding calls cater to individuals at different stages of the career development pathway (clinical and non-clinical researchers), from those just getting started, to researchers looking to establish independence. Opportunities are also available for those looking to build their reputation as a world-leader in their cancer research field.

Call: NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships in Medicine 2021
Funder: NIHR Academy
Open now
Submission deadline: 31 March 2022
A clinical specialty training post in medicine that incorporates academic training.

Call: Senior Clinical Fellowship
Funder: Medical Research Council
Open on: 11 February 2022
Submission deadline: 6 April 2022
This award offers support to help researchers become an internationally recognised leader in their field. This call is aimed at those with a clinical background.

Call: Senior Non-clinical Fellowship
Funder: Medical Research Council
Open on: 25 February 2022
Submission deadline: 20 April 2022
This award offers support to help researchers become an internationally recognised leader in their field.

Other Funding Organisations

UK Organisations

Biomedical and health research funder offering support to those interested in pursuing a medical research career.
Grants of interest: Starter Grants for Clinical Lecturers and Clinician Scientist Fellowships.

Funding for researchers working on a wide range of cancer types. Provides funding for small scale studies to larger projects involving several research teams. Also support career development with opportunities for those at the different career levels.
Grants of interest: Cancer Grand Challenges, Career Development Fellowship, Advanced Clinician Scientist Fellowship, Biomarker Project Awards, Clinical Trial Award, Discovery Programme Awards.

The NIHR provides funding for early translational research, clinical research and applied health and social care research through different grant funding calls. Funding for health researchers from a range professions, backgrounds and research fields. See the NIHR Academy for support with training, career development and research capacity development opportunities.
Grants of interest: HTA, PGfAR, RfPB, i4i, NIHR Fellowship Programme.

Funds prostate cancer studies to help those whose lives have been affected by prostate cancer.

Invests in research aimed at bringing patient benefit and finding healthcare solutions.
Grants of interest: seedcorn grants, project grants, interdisciplinary awards, early career fellowships.

Science funder with schemes to encourage research in a variety of scientific fields. Offer support for biological research.
Grants of interest: seed corn research grants and Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship.

Encourages research into the diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases and funding for urology professionals.
Grants of interest: Innovation and Research Fund, Education and Training Programmes.

Made up of research councils each centered on funding research within specific sectors. The Medical Research Council funds human health related research and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council focuses on bioscience. Innovate UK provides funding for innovative services and products.
Grants of interest: Clinician scientist fellowship, Clinical research training fellowship, partnership awards, new investigator awards, programme awards.

Research-led’ charity focused on groundbreaking research and supporting services that have the biggest impact on cancer for people in Yorkshire.

International Organisations

Horizon Europe is an initiative implemented by the European Commission to fund research and innovation. 

Competitive funding for researchers to encourage high-quality research in Europe.
Grants of interest: Starting grants, advanced grants and proof of concept grants.

Dedicated to funding prostate cancer research and helping to develop the careers of researchers.
Grants of interest: Young Investigator Awards and Challenge Award

Aim is to fund research for all cancer types and discover ways to to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.